You are not alone (2018)

About the drama

You Are Not Alone documents the intimate confessions of two very different Senegalese women, in a unique African setting where science and superstition, tradition and modernity, religion and divine faith blend. Yet their stories are universal, and their hopes, dreams and prayers for a baby will resonate the world over.

dreams and hopes

Ndim, a housewife, and Reissa, an accountant, live on opposite sides of Dakar, yet both women long for a baby.

prayers and tears

They hope, fight and pray for a child, even as society brands them cursed by bad angels.


"Just because you don't see my tears, it doesn't mean i am not crying inside."

What They Say about the drama

"Les Anges, un court documentaire de 8 minutes, factuel, qui expose le phénomène, et Tu n’est pas seule, un second film plus long et plus intimistes, qui porte cette fois sur le témoignage de deux femmes."

Aïssatou Diallo

Jeune Afrique

"The directors wanted to make a film that helped couples suffering from infertility know that they are not alone. Thus, in March 2019, a second drama film will come out on the subject of infertility, called You Are Not Alone."

Konstanze Fischer

Deutsche Welle

"You Are Not Alone is exactly what a documentary should be. You told these women's stories with such dignity. "

John Barlow

Judge, Southampton Film Week 2019


"We've been trying for five years, and so far - nothing. i dream of having a little boy, who would make my household come alive."

the directors

Jane Labous and Shona Hamilton met while working at the child rights charity, Plan International. Since then, they have nurtured a fruitful artistic relationship and great friendship. You Are Not Alone has been a passion project for them both, the product of nearly a year of work and conversation with Ndim and Reissa in Senegal, West Africa.

jane labous

Jane is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster based in Bournemouth, UK. She also writes, produces and directs documentary projects. Her debut novel is being published by Farafina in West Africa in spring 2020. 

shona hamilton

Shona is an award-winning filmmaker based in London, UK. She writes, directs, shoots and edits documentary and narrative films for the charity sector and independent projects.